Anybody does not think often about the complexity of his own existence, and especially on the existential points of one’s own life. One is lost in a maze of trivial problems that grow in one’s consciousness to the level of matters of life and death. Meanwhile, important matters disappear under the heaps of exaggerated trifles. Over time people realize how important things they missed. The drama of human everyday life is that we ignore what was most precious. Thus, human existence is not an easy task. It is full of everyday challenges and commitments. In fact, it is impossible to escape before life, the same as before death.

Survive the Day. Challenge of Existence

Every day puts thousands of challenges ahead of people. Firstly a man wakes up in the morning. His body changes the mode of activity. He returns from the mysterious land of sleep, which does not always bring the longed-for rest. Getting up from bed, the man throws himself into the whirl of everyday activities.

To clarify, the morning is usually a rush time. Man forces his body to move after the relaxation phase to social behavior. The “marathon” of conflicts, frustrations, and human experiences lasts until the evening. In the end, the moment comes when a tired body forces rest through drowsiness. Unfortunately, the rest is disturbed by unresolved problems of the passing day. The next day is often marked by this ballast.

Everyday life is a compromise between what is chosen and what is imposed. So, it requires constant mediation between different levels of human activity.

Life as Series of Existential Events

Consequently, the next day is a continuation of the whole cycle of events that make up one’s history. In real life, as opposed to the Greek tragedy, the entire plot does not take place in one day. Life would be much easier if some problems could be resolved in a few minutes. In practice, the finding of a solution needs knowledge that comes with time. Unable to reflect human tries to avoid this thought but It is not an effective solution.

There are also situations when a problem has a completely different character. In the course of life, man strives to achieve some greater or lesser achievements. He tries to do something that he believes can be described as valuable. It may be about some kind of social position or prestige. All these are the various faces of success worked hard for years.

Moreover, sometimes a person tries to achieve something even subconsciously or unconsciously. Everyday life is arranged in a sequence of events creating a person’s life story. Maintaining the consequences of behavior and achieving patience and endurance.

Consequence of Existence

Unfortunately, life is not a challenge for adults only. The burden of existence affects the newborn child or the old person the same. It is impossible to avoid responsibility for your own life.

A man from childhood meets different emotional challenges to emerge, which it is not able to cope with it. Of course, it leaves traces in one’s psyche for all life. They still imprinting on one’s present by putting one in uncomfortable situations.

It can have an even decisive influence on the quality of one’s further life. In this situation, something you can do is to bear the consequences of your own behavior. Sometimes one moment can decide about human fate.

But, the situation is dramatic in the case of aged people who are no longer able to repair their mistakes, such as negligences or wrong decisions, which ruined everything. Often, understanding the reasons for these failures can bring relief, but nothing more.

These aspects of human existence show how difficult life can be. Almost every experience or decision can become turning points of existence. All this makes human existence respectable and valuable as the subject of philosophical consideration.