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Human Nature

Roman Ingarden described human nature as unpredictable, but creative, confronting with own feelings, looking for values, and spirituality.

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Pure Self

Pure Self it is term from Edmund Husserl’s phenomenology. Roman Ingarden uses it to explain a phenomenon of time in human life.

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In the Timeline

In the Timeline is Roman Ingarden’s time interpretation. Philosopher describes the relation among past, present and future in human life. A crucial meaning has here time as an existential point, and a meaning of this fact in human experience.

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Humans and Their Reality

Roman Ingarden often comes back to a problem of Reality in context of Humans. In Ingarden’s interpretation appears Quasi-Reality as world of human creativity and values.


Human Being and Nature. Part 2.

I would like to return to Roman Ingarden’s reflections on nature as a continuation of the previous post motif.  Human Being in the Face of Nature According to Ingarden, a human being has ambivalent...

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Human Being and Nature. Part 1.

Roman Ingarden’s reflection on human relation to nature. Philosopher describes nature as beauty in a variety of nature, danger of the elements of nature, and source of illness.