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God appears often in Miguel de Unamuno’ reflection. This time in the context of consciousness. God-consciousness shapes human existence.

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Pascal’s Wager

Pascal’s Wager in Miguel de Unamuno’s interpretation from work “The Agony of Christianity”. Pascal’s Wager is a form of discussion with Loyola’s theory of the steps of obedience. It is a confrontation between issues of reason and issues of heart.

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The Living God

The matter of God in Miguel de Unamuno’s philosophy. Spanish philosopher distinguished God of Reason and God of Heart, which is called also the Living God.


Philosophy – The Poetry of Knowledge

The subject and the object of philosophy is the man of flesh and bone. What is philosophy? Philosophy is an anthropocentric description of the order of the world. In Unamuno’s opinion, philosophy is closer to poetry than to science. It is based on experiences and feelings. These contents can be expressed directly or symbolically by aesthetic codes of art. They allow overcoming the restrictions imposed on man. The philosophy in this meaning leads to the structuring of reality.


Who Am I? Human Structure

A man according to Unamuno is someone specific because of the principle of unity and continuity. The first – unity – refers to man in relation to space, the second- continuity – in relation to time. Unity is a realization one’s corporality and thanks to one’s actions. Continuity provides one with an awareness of one’s own experiences and history. Continuity is based on one’s memory, which not only defines one but also influences one’s future.


A Man of Flesh and Bone

A man of flesh and bone is the subject of Unamuno’s philosophy. It is one who experiences everyday life on many levels of existence. One is embedded in the realities of this world.