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Multilevelness of Reality

Multilevelness of reality is a concept a strongly related to the positive disintegration theory of prof. Kazimierz Dąbrowski. Multilevelness has a positive influence on the process of human development.

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Authentism is a concept related to naturalness, sincerity, and directness, but it is not identical with any of them. Authentism is not simply a spontaneous expression of one’s own nature. It is based on inhibition, i.e. the tendency to stop and withdraw into your own interior, which creates a space of reflection. Authentism carries an element of empathy. Its foundation is intentional sincerity, not impulsive, as in the case of naturalness.

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Values in Human Life

Values are an important element of human life. Values have a crucial meaning in Dąbrowski’s theory. So, they give meaning to human life and carry the potential of self-therapy. They are related to the development of personality.

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Philosophy of Life

A developing person asks existential questions while facing life difficulties. Philosophy gives a sense of human life and is referred to as the philosophy of life.