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Human Nature

Roman Ingarden described human nature as unpredictable, but creative, confronting with own feelings, looking for values, and spirituality.

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Pure Self

Pure Self it is term from Edmund Husserl’s phenomenology. Roman Ingarden uses it to explain a phenomenon of time in human life.

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In the Timeline

In the Timeline is Roman Ingarden’s time interpretation. Philosopher describes the relation among past, present and future in human life. A crucial meaning has here time as an existential point, and a meaning of this fact in human experience.

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Joseph Grand’s Case. Passion and Plague

Joseph Grand is a character form Albert Camus’ novel “The Plague”. He is a quiet and modest man of passion. His creativity expresses his love, which gives him a strength to survive an epidemic.

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Humans and Their Reality

Roman Ingarden often comes back to a problem of Reality in context of Humans. In Ingarden’s interpretation appears Quasi-Reality as world of human creativity and values.

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Multilevelness of Reality

Multilevelness of reality is a concept a strongly related to the positive disintegration theory of prof. Kazimierz Dąbrowski. Multilevelness has a positive influence on the process of human development.

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Pascal’s Wager

Pascal’s Wager in Miguel de Unamuno’s interpretation from work “The Agony of Christianity”. Pascal’s Wager is a form of discussion with Loyola’s theory of the steps of obedience. It is a confrontation between issues of reason and issues of heart.

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The Living God

The matter of God in Miguel de Unamuno’s philosophy. Spanish philosopher distinguished God of Reason and God of Heart, which is called also the Living God.


Human Being and Nature. Part 2.

I would like to return to Roman Ingarden’s reflections on nature as a continuation of the previous post motif.  Human Being in the Face of Nature According to Ingarden, a human being has ambivalent...

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Human Being and Nature. Part 1.

Roman Ingarden’s reflection on human relation to nature. Philosopher describes nature as beauty in a variety of nature, danger of the elements of nature, and source of illness.